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00221_14. Young couple on a Bench, China, 1989.steve mccurry



best pool sign ever

Steve McQueen’s pool… the Life magazine app is the most addicting thing ever beware.



petrina hicks

nice photos

Lounge Lizards

HenryLovesLizards Photostream is great, don’t know how he makes them pose like this! Found via the Saved Tattoo Blog

“I like a bit of Janet in my Kate.  I like a bit of Kate in my Janet”

Buy The World’s Best Ever  Kate Moss “Nasty” tank now.

Model:  Johanne Friis of Supreme Modeling

Photography: The lovely Ms. Julia Chesky

T-shirt Design:  Daniel Julien

Nina Hartmann

a grown up’s  summer vacation

more here.

Debbie Carlos

her large photo prints are cheap and beautiful.  get em here.