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tom robbins, always wise.



phantom tollbooth


Fear Street

In 1994 we spent the summer riding our bikes to the local wyo drug store to buy new Fear Street Books, reading them and swapping them with friends.  It was like pre-teen horror crack.  We had an excellent collection, I’m tempted to buy a bunch on ebay and re-read them all this summer.

Richard Sikens

I just bought his book “Crush” (Yale Series of Younger Poets) and it’s extraordinary.  Here’s a tidbit …

Remember, Be Here Now by Ram Dass

First time I’ve ever bought a book from the”new age” section but since I did I’ve read through it a few times.  I need to scan some of the pages and post them for you all,  it’s so gorgeous and insightful. I love the way it’s set up, much like most of the images I post, it contains simple words with stunning imagery.  Go get it.