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Happy 2013


It’s been a fucking roller coaster of a year.  I moved from Brooklyn to Austin and I have to say it’s been rather amazing so far.  I miss all my friends in the city but I feel like I’m entering 2013 with a new kind of strength I never knew I possessed.  I think sometimes you have to shake things up and trust your inner nomad.  5 things I learned this year:

1. Life is only hard if you are unwilling to give yourself everything you’ve ever wanted.

2. UNK.  The answer is always inside of you, you are the most important person in your universe.

3. Ego is simply a flat tire on the road to true happiness.

4. Boys are a luxury not a necessity.

5. Never forget the ones who were there at your darkest times, fuck everyone else.

Thank you for visiting my blog please email me more in the new year I love hearing from everyone! Happy 2013!






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Red Suits You


this Jonathan Saunders Suit is on my ultimate lust list.



Merry Xmas


black hole

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so good.