Monthly Archives: December 2010


The kind of girl whose tits fall out of her top while she’s kicking your ass look. Married to Rock is my favorite show right now, those girls are rad.

Elle Fanning is adorable, can’t wait to see Somewhere.

My trip home for the Holidays so far…

my sister’s bad ass new “still life with woodpecker” tattoo.

my parents got my sister and I the phillip crangi railroad spike bracelets for xmas.

my dad’s new old painting, recovered from a storage unit after sitting idle for 20 some years,  he likes the way the light hits the snow leopard in the morning.

lobster dinner defrosting in the sink, thanks mom.

Merry Christmas

I had to repost the Christmas cheer I received last year from my lovely boyfriend because he’s the man.  Merry Christmas from Wicked Wink!

Peter Blake’s “Babe Rainbow”