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Brian Eno and Judy Nylon ‘China My China’ 1974


Indian Beatles

I’m not proud of this but I’ve played at least 4 hours of Beatles rock band today. In tribute to this enormous waste-o-time, I bring you India’s version of The Beatles. Yikes.


Via The Whoa!

Jonathan Zawada’s Big Mouth Project

Sick lettering. More here.

Cass McCombs ‘You Saved My Life’

Vice Magazine ‘Visible Panty Lines’

Nice job Vice. I actually think these are quite beautiful. Saw this over at the WBE via The Enablist.

Metalmags ‘Lotta Love’ on Chic-a-go-go

Wes introduced me to Chic-a-go-go a few years ago and I’m still in love with the Chicago public access show.  So many amazing underground bands perform on Chic-a-go-go, but the best part is that on Chic-a-go-go you have to lipsynch, which makes for some amazingly awkward performances.  Also since anyone is allowed to come in, dance and spread the love, it’s pretty much the best thing ever.